The patented SMART TABS are a one of a kind trim and stabilizer system that automatically adjusts to the sea conditions, without the need for expensive electric or hydraulic hardware and switches. The system constantly reacts to the water conditions, boat speed, and balance providing a remarkable improvement on any boat.


For overall stability, faster time to plane, and elimination of common problems like porpoising and chine walking, HydroPlane provides the port-to-starboard balance that hydrofoils cannot.

Performance Trim Tabs for Small Boats
Under 16′ – 10 to 40 HP.

Hydro Dynamic hinge technology

Hydro Dynamic hinge technology


You asked, so we delivered. This unique design gives you all the benefits of our standard Smart tabs in an ultra compact design. These fit perfectly on those tricky boats with limited height clearance, especially Yamaha, Tahoe, Stingray and many more.



Raise your performance expectations.

Our breakthrough technology in trim tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway. Nauticus trim tabs self adjust according to how you load and maneuver your boat.

The nitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plate down during acceleration. The amount of LIFT is determined by the actuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment, which is done at the time of installation.

About Us

In 1999 when our patent was issued we said it was “The Simple Solution!” Today we know SMART TABS are much more than a solution to poor handling and performance issues. As one boat builder says, “they make a good boat better!”

There is no doubt that SMART TABS solve problems, but this simple fully automatic trim and stabilizer system offers improvements for small craft well beyond the consumers desires and expectations. Improvements in acceleration, bow angle (“hole Shot”), ride and handling, top speed, and even fuel economy are documented by OEM builders, by numerous national and international magazine tests, and most important, hundreds of consumer testimonials. Over the years and after selling thousands of sets to satisfied customers our confidence has grown to the point that we assure customer satisfaction with a ‘money back performance guarantee.’

Improving Small Boat Performance

Selecting the best device to maximize boat performance can be confusing, especially when all of the marketing claims point to “their” trim tabs, hydrofoils (stabilizers), or propellers as ‘the best’ solution. Download our guide and learn how to improve small boat performance.

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SMART TABS Function and Benefits

See the difference!

Smart Tabs

The first and most effective automatic, boat-specific trim tab system. Constructed of marine-grade stainless steel and designed with maximum mounting versatility for a wide range of applications.

Smart Tabs II

The ST1610 Series is ideal for low profile fiberglass, aluminum, and RIB design boats with transom widths less than 10 feet (trailerable boats).

Smart Tabs SX

All of the fully automatic features of our original SMART TABS, in addition to the rust- and corrosion-free benefits of molded composite materials.

Low Profile Smart Tabs

Engineered to fit behind ladders, under swim platforms and many other applications where height clearance is restricted.

ProTroller Series

The ideal trolling plates for Walleye fishing and fishermen looking to reduce their trolling speed.

Mobster Tabs

Improve hole shot and stabilize high speed runs automatically with Mobster Tabs. Specifically designed for Bass Boats.


The HydroPlane system features dynamic hinge technology that reacts to water pressure and boat speed to produce a smoother ride and better handling.


Electromechanical trim tab systems for the leisure and commercial marine markets.

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