EZ BOARD – Removable Boat Boarding Assist Handle

Converts standard fishing rod holder for use as a boarding assist handle

• Assist in maintaining balance while boarding
• Slides easily into and out of most flush mounted rod holders
• No special tools needed
• Made from High Impact corrosion and UV resistant PVC
• Five (5) Year Replacement Warranty
• Made in USA

Installation is EZ.

After assembly, simply insert the handle into the rod holder until the locating pin engages, then rotate to lock.

Assembly Instructions for EZ 48-W / EZ 36-W:

  1. Lay handle on a flat surface
  2. Insert extension (inner sleeve) 6 inches into bottom of handle (straight piece)
  3. Drill hole through both sections and secure with screw
  4. Orient handle according to boarding preference, either swim platform or dock
  5. Insert extension 6 inches into top of handle (curved piece)
  6. Drill hole through curved piece and extension according to selected location
  7. Secure drilled hole with screw

Assembly Instructions for EZ 22-W:

  1. Insert cross bar through pre-drilled holes in handle
  2. Place caps (included) on both ends of cross bar

No assembly required for EZ 24-W

Installation and Removal Instructions

Installation: Slide the EZ BOARD handle into the rod holder until the locating pin engages the EZ BOARD slots. Rotate the handle to the right or left to lock in place. Both ends of the EZ BOARD handle are slotted for ease and convenience. Simply adjust the orientation of the handle to achieve the optimal position for boarding and balance.

Removal: Rotate the handle until the rod holder pin aligns with the EZ BOARD slot, then pull out to remove.

Do not force the EZ BOARD handle to install or remove.

Assembly and Installation

EZ 24-W 24″ Kayak Handle

EZ 36-W 36″ Boarding Handle

EZ 48-W 48″ Boarding Handle

EZ 22-W 22″ Auxiliary Handle

2022 EZ Board Pricing

Part NumberDescriptionProduct NameMSRP EachWeight EachUPC Codes
EZ 22-W **22″ Auxiliary Tie DownEZ Cleat$39.951.5 lb.6 98690 39223 1
EZ 24-WKayak HandleEZ Board 24$29.951.5 lb.6 98690 39203 3
EZ 36-W36″ Boarding HandleEZ Board 36$34.952.0 lb.6 98690 39363 4
EZ 48-W48″ Boarding HandleEZ Board 48$39.952.5 lb.6 98690 39483 9
** Packaging Code Suffix: Add “DB” = Display Box or “MO” = Mail Order

auxiliary boarding handles are expressly designed to provide additional balance and stability for passengers boarding and exiting boats. The EZBoard handle is not to be used for a suspension device. Do not hang from an EZBoard handle at any time.

U.S. Patent No.: D945351