• Nauticus ProTroller Trolling Plates

ProTroller Trolling Plates

Nauticus ProTroller Series Trolling Plates are ideal for Walleye fishing and fisherman looking to reduce their trolling speed.

Trolling Plates and Trim Tabs All in One!

The ProTroller series incorporates the ability to turn SMART TABS into trolling brakes. By simply moving a lever up or down, ProTroller Smart Tabs switch between the most effective trim and stabilizer system on the market to the most effective trolling brakes on the market.

Trolling Plates

With the levers in the down position, the plates drop down to create equal braking on both sides of the boats, providing the added benefit of tracking straight at ultra low speeds. Steering control is maintained because the propeller is not restricted, as with other systems.

Trim Tabs

Move the lever up to the running position and enjoy the performance and efficiency of automatic trim tabs. Better ride and handling, faster acceleration, more top speed, and better fuel economy are only a few of the benefits you get with SMART TABS. Not only are they completely automatic, but they can be fine tuned to each boat and to the boaters preference. This unlimited versatility provides performance enhancement unmatched by any other product, and it’s GUARANTEED!

ProTroller Series Smart Tabs Trolling Plates are available at the following retailers, select one to order!

Smart Tabs ProTroller

Smart Tabs ProTroller Animation

Features and Benefits:

As Trolling Brakes they typically reduce trolling speeds by 36% to 40%

Example: Trolling speeds reduced from 2.4 mph to 1.5 mph. Other brands and systems make unqualified claims with no specific numbers.

Durability of materials and design lowers your long term cost and avoids damage. Reliability = Satisfaction
If you forget to bring the ProTroller Tabs up before you take off to your next fishing spot, no problem. There is no stress on the motors lower unit because the ProTroller Plates are not mounted to your motor, therefore there is no need for shear pins.  The ProTroller Plates will be pushed to a safe running (retracted) position by the water pressure, even at speeds of more than 30 mph ProTroller Smart Tabs will sustain no damage.

Steering and Tracking at the ultra slow speeds is dramatically improved.
When the ProTroller plates are in the “brake” position they provide equal resistance to both sides of the boat which resists low speed wandering.

Since the propeller is not restricted, steering is not compromised.
Need to avoid something quickly? No problem simply turn and accelerate without concern for damaging ProTrollers.

Simple Lever Action for switching between Trim Tabs and Trolling Brakes and back.
After Cruising to your favorite spot all that you do is push the lever handle down on each trim tab to lock the plates in the “Brake” position. When your ready to leave flip the lever up to lock the plates in the trim tab position. If your going to cruise slowly for a short distance you just may want to leave them in the brake position – no problem.

Guaranteed and Warrantee
ProTroller Smart Tabs have a money back Guarantee to perform as claimed to the satisfaction of the purchaser, and this statement is included in every kit. The Warrantee for this product (defects) is two years from the date of purchase.

As Trim Tabs – Smart Tabs are unique.

No other system is completely automatic, and continuously active.

  • Each system can be tuned (adjusted) to the specific boat. Once your satisfied, your done.
  • Need more lift on take off?  Adjust the Actuator pressure to suit your needs.
  • Your boat porpoises? Adjust the Actuator pressure to eliminate the bouncing.
  • Your boat leans to the left?  Adjust the Actuator to eliminate the list.

Smart Tabs keep your boat in balance.

  • When the boat is in balance it rides smoother, turns like it is on rails, runs faster at all rpm levels, and uses less fuel.
  • Smart Tabs provide more stern lift than any hydrofoil (at slow speeds when you need it), and retract automatically when you reach planning speeds when too much lift reduces performance. You get on plane faster, and get more speed.
  • Bow rise is reduced by 50%, and time to plane is reduced by 35% or more.

Smart Tabs improve side to side stability because they are lifting from both sides of the boat.
Hydrofoils reduce lateral balance because they lift only from the center of the boat like the base of a “teeter totter”.

ProTroller Series Overview and Installation Video

Use the chart below to find trim tabs for your specific application or select the button on the right to use the SMART CHOICE APPLICATION.


Large RIBs, Day Cruisers, Rescue, Deck, Cuddy Cabin 21′ – 25′ 175 to 220 HP 2 Stroke Outboard N/A
150 to 190 HP 4 Stroke Outboard
4 or 6 cyl Inboard/Outboard
220 to 250 HP 2 Stroke Outboard N/A
200 to 250 HP 4 Stroke Outboard
8 cyl Inboard/Outboard
Small Tenders, Roll Up Inflatables, & Ribs 10′, 11′, 12′ 8 to 15 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST780-20 or ST781-20
Small Tenders, & Ribs 10′, 11′, 12′ 20 to 25 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST780-30
Ribs, Flats & Bay, Bow Riders, Fish & Ski 13′, 14′, 15′ 30 to 40 HP 2 Stroke ST980-30
12′, 13′, 14′ 40 to 50 HP 4 Stroke ST980-40 or PT980-40
14′, 15′, 16′ 50 to 80 HP 2 Stroke
Ribs, Flats & Bay, Bow Riders, Day Cruisers, Fish & Ski, Rescue, Deck 15′, 16′, 17’+ 60 to 135 HP 4 Stroke ST1290-60 or PT1290-60
16′, 17′, 18’+ 90 to 150 HP 2 Stroke
18′ – 22′ 150 to 240 HP 2 or 4 Stroke ST1290-80
Inboard/Outboard 16′, 17′, 18’+ 4 or 6 cyl Inboard/Outboard ST1290-60 or PT1290-60
18′ – 22′ 8 cyl Inboard/Outboard ST1290-80
Day Cruiser, Rescue, Cuddy Cabin 23′ – 30′ 9’10” Max Beam 5,000 Lb. to 6,500 Lb. ST1610-120
23′ – 30′ 9’10” Max Beam 7,000 Lb. to 8,500 Lb. ST1610-180
MOBSTER TABS – Specifically designed for Bass Boats TRADITIONAL ANGLED
Bass Boats 16′ – 19’+ 90 to 150 HP 2 or 4 Stroke MT1080-60 MT1175-60
17′ – 22′ 175 to 250 HP 2 or 4 Stroke MT1080-80 MT1175-80