The HydroPlane system features dynamic hinge technology that reacts to water pressure and boat speed to produce a smoother ride and better handling. Thermo-molded composite construction provides superior strength and resilience in any water conditions. The autonomous trim plates become an extension of the boat’s running surface and requires no external activation. For overall stability, faster time to plane, and elimination of common problems like porpoising and chine walking, HydroPlane provides the port-to-starboard balance that hydrofoils cannot.

Performance Trim Tabs for Small Boats Under 16′ – 10 to 40 HP.

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Installation in Minutes
  • Faster Time to Plane With Reduced Bow Rise
  • Uses Hydrodynamic Lift
  • Eliminates Porpoising
  • Creates Balance
  • Increases Speed



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