Nauticus Automatic and Electric Trim Tab Systems and More

Smart Tabs

The first and most effective automatic trim tab system provides better all around performance to even smaller boats with low hp engines.

Smart Tabs II

The ST 1610 Series is ideal for low profile Fiber Glass, Aluminum, and RIB design boat with transom widths less than 10 feet (trailerable boats).

Smart Tabs SX

All of the fully automatic features of our popular SMART TABS, in addition to the rust and corrosion free benefits of molded composite materials.

Low Profile Smart Tabs

Engineered to fit behind ladders, under swim platforms and many other applications where height clearance is restricted.

ProTroller Series

The ideal trolling plates for Walleye fishing and fisherman looking to reduce their trolling speed.

Mobster Tabs

Mobster tabs are fully automatic and will adjust to how you expect your boat to perform automatically!

PR500 Plate Retraction Kit

The PR500 Bracket assembly allows SMART TABS to be set in two different positions without the use of any additional tools.


The HydroPlane system features dynamic hinge technology that reacts to water pressure and boat speed to produce a smoother ride and better handling.


These fully electric helm controlled trim tabs set the STANDARD in the marketplace. The Lectrotab stainless steel trim tab design provides unmatched strength and reliability. All stainless steel tabs are fabricated with a continuous rolled and pinned hinge.

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SMART TABS Performance Guarantee & Warranty

Improving Small Boat Performance

Selecting the best device to maximize boat performance can be confusing, especially when all of the marketing claims point to “their” trim tabs, hydrofoils (stabilizers), or propellers as ‘the best’ solution. Download our guide and learn how to improve small boat performance.